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Fiddlehead Farm was founded in 2012.  The farm is in beautiful Prince Edward County in the rolling fields overlooking Fish Lake.  It started as the dream project of Stephen and Heather.  The two of them met while interning on a Biodynamic Farm in Ottawa.  Stephen was enrolled in Fleming College’s Sustainable Agriculture Program at the time and Heather had just completed her masters in Landscape Ecology.  Stephen knew that he wanted to start his own farm and he felt that his interning experiences and college training had provided him with a strong foundation upon which to start a business.  Motivated by a desire to do something that enriched the community while creating positive ecological change the two of them started to look for farmland, in partnership with Stephen’s parents.

Steve & Heather

Stephen and Heather moved to the farm in January of 2012.  Stephen started Fiddlehead’s market garden that spring and successfully ran a  CSA and four Farmers’ Markets.  While his parents do not live on the land they play an integral role in the life and business of the farm. The farm continues to grow with an expanded CSA, larger market garden, and new crops planned for 2013. Fiddlehead Farm seeks to enrich the land under its stewardship while integrating annual, perennial, and livestock production into the farm’s daily rhythms.  The goal is sustainable and ethical tastiness: food that is ecologically grown with kindness, making it all the richer in flavour and nutrition.

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    978 Fish Lake Road,
    Demorestville, ON,
    KOK 1W0

    613 476 2391 (Home)
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