Belleville & County CSA 2017

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of food distribution that collapses the gap between you, the food eater, and us, the food grower.  The idea is that you become a member of our farm by subscribing to a weekly or biweekly box of Fresh Organically Grown Produce at the start of the season when seeds and supplies are being ordered.  In return for your early investment in our garden the Summer Box provides 18 weeks (9 alternating weeks for half boxes) of fresh produce from late June through to the end of October.  Our Winter Box delivers to your door monthly from November to March. Produce is brought to our Farmers’ Market locations and community partners for you to pick up once a week.  The contents are seasonal and change weekly as we move through the growing season.

Belleville & County Pick Up Locations:StandWithrow

Wednesday: Victoria and MacDonald
Wednesday: Picton
Wednesday: Fiddlehead Farm
Saturday: Belleville Farmers’ Market
Saturday: Fiddlehead Farm

How to get a CSA

To become a 2017 Member please read through the membership details below.  When you are ready to sign up please use the PayPal link, or fill out the CSA Registration Form and mail it to Fiddlehead Farm, 978 Fish Lake Road, Demorestville, ON, K0K 1W0 with a cheque payable to Stephen Laing.

Full Summer Food Box: $550 – Registration open until spaces are filled

Half Summer Food Box: $300 – Registration open until spaces are filled

Winter Food Box: $425 – Registration open until spaces are filled

The Farm

At Fiddlehead Farm we believe that food should be grown ecologically while pursuing the goal of ultimate tastiness. We use organic farming practices to restore the biology of our land while growing a wide selection of delicious vegetables. It is not enough for us to simply garden in an environmentally sound manner; we must make stewardship decisions with a mind to feeding future generations. This means sound management of our garden while investing in longer term mixed orchards and perennials.  Our farm is located in beautiful Prince Edward County in the rolling fields overlooking Fish Lake.  We started the farm in 2012 after working on several farms and after Steve completed his studies in Sustainable Agriculture at Fleming College. 

July30CSAWhat are the advantages?

  • Receive fresh produce that is delivered to your neighbourhood pickup location.
  • Build a direct connection with your food grower: know your farmer!
  • Experience new foods and varieties of your favourite foods (many are CSA exclusive).
  • Experience the variety that seasonal eating offers.
  • Encourage the growth of a local food system and new young farmers
  • Enrich the environment through sound farming practices and ecological stewardship

Summer CSA Food Box

    A share is one weekly food box consisting of eight to twelve different vegetables or fruits.  A share would be enough weekly for a couple who eats a lot of veggies or a household of four that eats an average amount of veggies.  A half-share is the same basket delivered on a bi-weekly basis and is good for singles or couples eating an average amount of veggies every week.

Sample BasketsCSAAug20

June: Salad Mix, Kale, Swiss Chard, Snap Peas, Green Onions, Spinach, Beets, Garlic Scapes

August: Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Green Beans, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Garlic, Potatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini

October: Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Carrots, Squash, Beets, Salad Mix, Turnips, Radishes

Winter CSA Food Box

The winter box is a monthly box of durable winter root vegetables combined with late season greens delivered November through to March.  Each monthly box will have a hearty supply of staples such as potatoes, onions, and carrots.  Each box will feature a mix of different vegetables from leeks, kale, cabbage, and arugula through to beets, garlic, squash, and rutabaga.  The winter boxes are home delivered at the middle of each month.

The box size is intended to provide enough veggies for approximately a month.  The bulk of the veggies will store throughout the month with only one or two of the delicate green items needing consumption within two weeks or so of pick up.  We feel that this size, roughly $80 worth of produce, is an appropriate balance between what a household can eat in a month and what most will be able to store for that month.

Member Testimonials

“Fiddlehead Farm’s produce has become a necessity in our household. I love the quality, the quantity, value, and the variety of the organic local produce that arrives to our doorstep. Being the ‘foodies’ that we are, Fiddlehead Farm has impressed us and exceeded our expectations with amazing flavour and freshness, (both with their veggies and free-range organic meats) and introduced us to vegetables we otherwise would never have tried–and loved! We feel the quantity and quality of the weekly drops throughout the season makes the weekly cost a good value. The weekly recipes that come to our inbox from FF are easy to prepare and delicious, and our weekly CSA share drop-off has become something we look forward to every Wednesday. Truth be told, I was rather disappointed when CSA ended in late October because it meant I had to go back shopping to the grocery store for our produce, and I knew the difference would be a disappointment…and it was.   Looking forward to trying the Winter Share this coming year!” – Cat