Greenhouse Rising

Winter ended with a greenhouse!  Fiddlehead Farm was blessed with a great crew of greenhouse builders this past weekend.   The 17th and 18th of March were spent with Gene, Stuart, Jason, Allison, Alan, Ron, Heather, and I working at the framing and covering for Fiddlehead’s new greenhouse.  I woke leisurely on Saturday to finish the prep work that I’d started on Friday for the greenhouse.  There is a lot of prep work that goes into the base of a greenhouse that cannot really be done with too much of a crew.  Once I finished the base and the frame mounts the house was ready to be raised in an instant.  It took less than an hour to go from pieces on the ground to a skeletal frame in the air.

Once the frame was up and our massive crew was out and eager to work we broke into teams.  Gene and Stuart took on the mountings for the roll-up sides.  Alan and Ron worked away at framing the ends.  I spent the day on a ladder securing the beams and working the impact gun.  By the end of it all we had the makings of a greenhouse with the promise of being ready for covering on Sunday.

Sunday was a rush at the end.  Our crew needed to get back to the city while we needed to have a lot of people on hand to put the covering on the greenhouse properly.  We pushed through and by five we were ready to put the plastic on the framing.  The cover went up and over remarkably easy.  There was little wind and the many hands made it easy to pull, tighten, straighten, and secure the cover before dark.

It was an amazing achievement to get this together in such a short span of time and I am indebted to my helpers for what they accomplished.  I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.  We now have trays of seedlings going in the greenhouse.  Spring is here and the seeds are a planting!

A thanks needs to go out to Heather’s friend Allison who helped Heather build a temporary outdoor pen for our piggies.  The purpose of the pen is to get the pigs accustomed to the electric fence.  We want them to hop back when shocked and not through the fence.  It will also train the pigs to avoid the fence in the first place.  Hopefully they learn quick and they’ll be out on full pasture in no time at all.

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