Happy Spring!

It is almost hard to believe that spring is finally here. The mountains of snow are slowly starting to melt (yesterday I found a “to do list” from January in a snowbank: some of the items are still to be done…) and the first signs of life have appeared in the greenhouse. This weekend we’ll […]

April Showers

Spring is finally starting to take shape here on the farm.  I am happy to see that the progress that we made in our first year has laid a good foundation for this year.  The greenhouse is full of seedlings ready to be planted and the fields are plowed from the fall.  The rains have […]

Restorations, WWOOFers, and CSAs

One of the joys of moving into an old farm is the odd bits of equipment that have been left behind from ages past.  The effort of uncovering and evaluating the equipment can be a time consuming one.  If you can find some helpers the work goes so much more smoothly. Luckily enough for Fiddlehead […]