Welcome to Fiddlehead Farm

Your source for tasty veggies year round since 2012 in The County, Belleville and Toronto.

Registration for Summer 2018 CSA is now open!
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We’ve got more details about our new system in a recent newsletter, or listen to Heather explaining the basics!

We are currently in the midst of our Winter CSA which runs until March. County and Belleville residents can also purchase veggies by custom order using a google form posted on our facebook on a weekly basis. Ordering opens Tuesdays and closes Thursday evenings. We pack it up on Fridays and then you can pick it up 10am at the Belleville Market on Saturdays, or 11:15am in Picton at Parsons Brewing Company starting February 10th.

Summer 2018 we’re looking forward to returning to farmers’ markets in Belleville and Toronto.

We’re also preparing a new website over the couple months… launching soon.

The Farmers

Fiddlehead Farm started out as our dream and has become our reality. We, Steve and Heather, met in 2011 while interning together on a Biodynamic Farm in Ottawa’s Green Belt. Steve was a student in Fleming College’s Sustainable Agriculture Program and Heather had just completed her Masters in Landscape Ecology. We bonded over a shared passion for food and the environment.
Steve & HeatherAs our internship drew to a close we felt a strong desire to continue in farming. We had both come to the farm for reasons of environmental protection and stewardship. We wanted to do work that connected us with the natural world, that gave us the chance to make a living outdoors, allowed us the luxury of delicious food, and that would contribute to meaningful change in the world. Farming provided us with an opportunity to realize all of these goals.
Finding land, let alone purchasing it, was a challenge. As two freshly graduated students we had minimal means. Steve’s parents, Alan and Ron, stepped in to provide the start up funds needed to purchase the land and equipment to make the farm happen. They were actively involved in helping to build the farm throughout its first few years. Alan looked after the farm’s finances while Ron helped to manage our East Wing vacation rentals.
We settled in Prince Edward County because of its unique climate, thriving organic community and geographical location (between family in Toronto and Montreal). Our property has always been a small farm, with a mixture of crops and livestock. The last two owners have been hobby farmers, and we are happy to put the land back to full time use. The land has been free of artificial pesticides and fertilizers for decades and its fields were under organic cultivation at the time of purchase. We saw a lot of potential and in 2012 we started production.
Today the farm boasts eight acres of market gardens. We are slowly planting perennial crops, which have the potential to provide even more food for our surrounding communities, although they take a few years before they will start to produce! All of this is done with the desire to promote biodiversity, rebuild soils, and enjoy tasty food. We sell our produce directly to customers, which allows us to educate our customers and experience their food delight while being connected to the natural world, making a living outdoors, and doing meaningful work. It is demanding, but incredibly rewarding.

We thank all our customers past, present, and future for supporting our dream as it continues to flourish. You make this possible for us.