Steve in the Tomatoes

2017 Summer CSA Registration Open

At Fiddlehead Farm we believe that food should be grown ecologically while pursuing the goal of ultimate tastiness. We use organic farming practices to restore the biology of our land while growing a wide selection of delicious vegetables.  It is not enough for us to simply garden in an environmentally sound manner; we must make stewardship decisions with a mind to feeding future generations.  To this end we are rebuilding tree stands, planting fruiting forests, and minimizing the resources we consume in the production of tasty food.  Restoring the land is our passion: farming is how we make it happen.

We distribute our produce through our CSA Box Share Program and Farmers’ Market locations in Prince Edward County, Belleville, and Toronto.  The CSA and Farmers’ Markets connect us directly to our customers for a weekly exchange of good food and stories.  All of our customers enjoy tasty produce and their support enables our stewardship of the land. 

We also offer weekly Vacation Rentals in the East Wing of our 160 year old heritage manor home.  This is an opportunity to experience living on a functional ecological farm while enjoying our proximity to Prince Edward County’s natural, agricultural, and viticultural wonders.

Come and join us in pursuit of food for ecological tastiness.